How to expense the Data-Driven Science subscription

expense subscription

Many companies offer an L&D or education budget that can cover the cost of your subscription. Follow the steps below to ask whether you can get the cost of practicing machine learning on Data-Driven Science reimbursed.

Step one – Give your manager a heads up

Let your manager know you’re interested in learning new skills that will improve your work. Ask if you can send them details over email.

Hi {manager}, I saw an online training on Data-Driven Science called Data Science Challenges and think it would be useful for my work. Mind if I send you the details?

Step two – Make your case

Share how Data Science Challenges align with your role and professional goals. Use the template below and tweak it as needed:

Hi {manager},

There’s an online training called Data-Science Challenges that I’d love to enroll in. It’s a goal-oriented learning journey that teaches in-demand machine learning skills through hands-on practice in an interactive and engaging way.

A few highlights:

  • Access to an ever increasing number of Challenges across a variety of machine learning categories, tasks, and uses cases
  • Integrated online community to connect and network with peers, get questions answered, and learn from others
  • Invite to periodic live sessions where data science professionals teach in-demand machine learning topics

The subscription costs $27 per month or $197 for the annual plan. If you like, you can learn more Data-Driven Science here:

{Your Name}

P.S. Should we invite other members of our team? (Data-Driven Science also offers a team plan)

Step three – Follow up with your manager

If you don’t hear back, follow up again after 3 days to show your commitment and interest. Here’s an example you can use:

Hi {manager},

Have you had a chance to look at Data-Driven Science I sent you?

I really believe it would help me with:

  • Learning new machine learning skills
  • Applying existing knowledge to practice
  • Connecting with other data scientists

Here’s the link:

Let me know.

{Your Name}

Step four – Enjoy the first Challenge!

Investing in yourself with Data-Driven Science Challenges is a powerful way to accelerate your career, and we hope your company agrees. If you need help, please email [email protected].

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