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Data-Driven Science is all about practicing machine learning. Today, there are so many amazing online courses and bootcamp trainings available that we didn’t think that there was a need for another one. BUT, we strongly believe that it is critical to work on as many data science problems as possible to build the skills needed for working in the industry and becoming a real machine learning problem solver.

Our answer is the Data Science Challenge. It is a hands-on and interactive learning experience that will get students in touch with state-of-the-art datasets, models and methods. A Challenge is highly specific and teaches exactly what is needed to build the solution to a problem. 

By working on many Challenges, students will develop relevant problem solving skills, learn the practical application of machine learning, and build the intuition that is required to solve real-world problems.

Data Science Challenges are supposed to “challenge” and take the learner to the next level in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience.

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